Get The Picture!

The famous family entertainment quiz format is back!

Get the picture is one of the best scoring daily quiz shows
It’s a simple, yet delightfully engaging gameshow, that can be played by the whole family.
A picture is worth a thousand words but what if a picture is worth a thousand dollars?

Two contestants test their knowledge and visual skills against each other to see who can guess the picture of an everyday object, a common animal or even a well-known celebrity, hidden behind a wall of letters. To reveal the picture the contestants must answer general knowledge quiz questions, block by block, and try to be the first to correctly guess what it is.

To start, the first contestant chooses a random letter of the board.
We only know that the answer to whatever question the host asks, must begin with that letter. If the contestant gives the right answer, the piece of the picture behind their chosen letter is revealed and a amount of money is added to their potential prize total. If they get it wrong, that piece of the picture is still revealed but they receive no points and it becomes their opponents turn.
At any time, if a contestant thinks they have seen enough clues and know what the picture is, they can take a guess.

In round two, it`s even trickier to get the picture because it is first revealed as a negative photographic image. If a contestant thinks they got it, the picture turns to a positive image and they have just eight seconds to identify it..
Whoever leads at the end of round two goes alone into the final with a chance to win the jackpot.
Will they make it?

In the tense final round, as before, the contestant chooses a letter but this time, all of the answers in the final must begin with this letter.
Bit by bit, pieces of the image are revealed.
Will they get the picture?
If they do, the jackpot is theirs for keeps.
If not, they can return the next day to try again.

Proven successful. Cost efficient production. Get the picture?

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