OTT Content Services

Streaming video is everywhere right now — on our TVs, on our phones and computers, in our workplaces and in stores and restaurants everywhere. For the media-partners and brands that seek to engage and derive value from these audiences, FCCE is pleased to provide this unique programming solution: Scoop Network.

Channels are a natural evolution of FCCE’s core licensing businesses. By helping a wider variety of customers to achieve a successful streaming video strategy with less hassle, FCCE answers an emerging need from the existing client base while supporting new types of business challenges. It’s an exciting shift and one FCCE is uniquely positioned to offer.

Once licensed, Scoop Network is fully monetizable with video advertising and can be distributed on any website, SVOD, AVOD or OTT platform, including Roku, iOS, Android, Apple TV and Fire TV

Introduction to Scoop Network

Optimize your RPU and ROI.

An OTT / VOD Content Service that will radically reduce the friction between investment and ROI that the operators currently face in acquiring the content they want.  Going beyond the commercial bottom line, FCCE gets to the heart of the entertainment industry with creativity and original storytelling. We cover the movie, fashion and music industry as well as up to date reporting about life style and food – to be enjoyed by audiences worldwide.

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FCCE, as a premium OTT Content Provider, delivers the very best entertainment long- and short form catalogue for viewers across a whole host of devices. The OTT operators may expect a high entertainment value, recurring revenue and a lower shurn. FCCE is dedicated to provide value for money for our clients in the OTT market. Acquire rights to your selection from over 30 original series across 6 genres, short form item from a catalogue of more than 4.000 items or a daily news feed in multiple languages at your fingertips. Discover original content from events, festivals, press conferences and personal meetings with celebrities and specialists from around the world.Our access to the entertainment industry and in-depth knowledge of content production for local and international audiences, allows us to serve the smallest local players as well as pan regional or even worldwide OTT platforms.