Brand Entertainment

Branded content (done well) is one of the most effective ways to reach specific target groups. For brands to remain relevant, articulating who they are and what they stand for is now an essential part of communications. We think there are more reasons than ever to embrace branded content, and we strongly believe we will see this year, in all territories, more brands investing and collaborating with like-minded (traditional or non-traditional) channels. Whether it is about movies, fashion, music, food or celebrity lifestyle, FCCE can produce and facilitate the content needs and offer content experts, channels and brands exciting new opportunities.

The ratings and market shares proof that skillfully-crafted content enables brands to cut through the clutter in the (new) media landscape.


Case Study: Grolsh / Movies Explained

 Case Grolsh / Movies Explained: For the Dutch beer brand Grolsch we produce in close collaboration with Motion Content Group and the Dutch broadcaster Veronica, all TV productions for the platform Movies Explained.  It enables the brand Grolsch to become a part or even claim an integral, authentic part of popular culture with a weekly 25 minutes magazine, short form items and movie related specials: all available for the linear channel, the Movies Explaned website, socials, etc.

Case Study: Philips / Ambilight Opening Night

 Case Study Philips / Ambilight Opening Night: The Ambilight Cinema 21:9 TV delivers the best experience when watching a movie. Therefor Philips wanted to claim (and offer to its b2b partners and consumers) the experience of attending an official movie premiere during the Ambilight Opening Nights. Besides the events and massive free publicity campaings, FCCE produced  25 minutes AON reports, short form items and specials: all available for broadcast, the website, socials, etc.

Case Study: Marubi / Entertainment Experience

 Case Study Marubi / Entertainment Experience: the Chinese beauty brand Marubi participated in the Emmy Award winning Entertainment Experience China spearheaded by director Jogn Woo. The cross media platform inspired and facilitated young talent and attrected at the same time a large audience.  Again it enabled Marubi to become a part or even claim an integral, authentic part of popular culture with exposure in daily updates, a weekly 25 minutes magazine, short form ‘How to’ -items and other beauty related specials: all available for the linear channel, the community platform, socials, etc.

Program localisation including branded items

 Localisation done easily: FCCE produces and delivers all its programs and short-form with native English voice-overs and / or presenters; ready to be aired or published. Based on this source file facilitate multiple options:

  • We can deliver each show with separate M&E tracks and the full script. That way it’s very easy to adapt the production into any language.
  • We can produce (or have produced) the show with a local host.
  • We can customise productions with new tailor-made graphics.
  • We can add or replace items with locally produced items or relevant branded items.

To make things even easier we developed a very flexible and comprehensive ‘6 steps adaptation’ model.