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FCCE comprises FCCE Production, FCCE Distribution, and the entertainment channel Scoop Network.

FCCE is headquartered in Amsterdam The Netherlands and has a branch office in Nairobi Kenya. FCCE produces content related movie, fashion, music, celebrity and lifestyle-related content and formats for all audiences. With its dedicated editorial and production team, as well as a new generation of multifaceted talents in sales and distribution and via collaborations with renowned media ventures, FCCE offers a balance between creative thinking, cost-efficient production expertise and distribution solutions. In the past years, this proved to be beneficial for broadcasters, industry partners, producers, content owners, operators, advertisers, media buying- and advertising agencies and other third parties.


FCCE Production is the group’s in-house creative development unit for television formats and cross-media concepts, and the group’s TV production unit that sources and produces over 700 hours of content per year including a daily entertainment news feed, weekly magazines and evergreen series in the genre’s: Celebrity, Fashion, Movies, Music and Lifestyle.

FCCE controls an extensive professional digital archive consisting of more than 12,000 hours, starting in the 80s and leading up to today. That amount keeps growing, as FCCE’s ENG-teams visit all major film festivals, music events, award ceremonies and fashion shows all over the world, to interview the top people from each industry as well as filming at opening nights and red carpet events. From this material, we produce daily items, festival specials and tailor-made productions.

With a self-supporting multimedia production outfit including 25 edit sets, HD cameras, studios in Amsterdam and Nairobi and our own in-house audio recording studios, we can deliver our distinctive programs and produce for third parties, at a very competitive price; ready to use for all media.

Besides visiting press junkets, we also facilitate these events by working together with Hollywood studios, event organizers, brands and producers who want to promote their movies, music or anything else. We’ll bring a professional team and deliver all the technical equipment required to make high-quality video items, shot on time and on budget.

In April 2013, FCCE has been awarded by the international Television of Academy with an EMMY Award for the groundbreaking cross-platform project The Entertainment Experience.


FCCE Distribution is dedicated to the worldwide licensing of FCCE’s and third party’s content,  formats and finished series. So far the content is distributed to over 143 countries in 27 languages. Not only our weekly produced shows but also ready-made programming, formats and dramas from other producers. FCCE also represents Scoop Network in multiple languages and different formats. This flexibility, in combination with the OTT and VOD offering and the competitive business models, makes Scoop Network a serious alternative in the international entertainment market.

The FCCE Sales team attends all major TV & content markets and makes special sales trips to visit clients. A specialized team ensures the quality of FCCE magazine adaptations and format productions across the globe.

Scoop Network

SCOOP NETWORK is operated by FCCE.

Viewers around the globe connect to Scoop Network, via  any (mobile) device connected to the internet, and enjoy the superb weekly fresh entertainment magazines. Consistent high viewer ratings and appreciation are a measure of our widespread popularity throughout all audiences. This success is the result of the five program pillars of Celebrity, Movie, Fashion Music and Lifestyle, as well as a commitment of our editorial team to keep the audience up to date with Daily fresh video items!

However, Scoop Network takes things one step further with the opportunity to localize the channel to any language. The option for enhanced localization are:

  1. The International Scoop Network feed ( optional with subtitles)
  2. The International Scoop Network feed with subtitles and all the shows with local voice-overs
  3. A fully localized Scoop Network feed with all the shows with local voice-overs and subtitles, the Daily entertainment news with local presenters and local Celebrity news items and a number of additional flagship shows with local presenters for example:
      • A local celebrity Gossip Show
      • Spotlight On; Every week a special with a local host, about a special event, theme or celebrity
      • Entertainment Catch up: a weekly wrap up of all entertainment news

Scoop Network can bring Local Talent and hosts to International events such as Film Festivals, Award shows etc. for presentation on location or even at the Red Carpet. A localized feed can be supported with a local Scoop Network website (example: ).

A localized feed of Scoop Network would be available for exclusive acquisition with even multiple first runs in the territory!

Board members

The FCCE board consists of seasoned industry professionals, all with their own specialism.

  • Justus Verkerk
    Justus Verkerk Founder - CEO

    Responsible for the commercial strategy and business development of FCCE

  • Luc Frantzen
    Luc Frantzen CFO / COO

    Responsible for the financial strategy and the daily operation of FCCE.

  • Rene Mioch
    Rene Mioch Co-Founder