Entertainment Experience

Emmy Award winning concept

This is Entertainment Experience: an innovative cross-media concept, producing, with the crowd, a feature-length film. Everybody can join in!

It’s all about showing, engaging and facilitating undiscovered talents, who participate in all disciplines of filmmaking: script writing, acting, directing, audio, light, editing, music composing, graphics and set designing. Multiple crews and individuals, working simultaneously … guided by a dream team of professionals.

The dream team inspires, leads, helps and even educates the community in tutorials, when auditioning, with master classes and webinars and by giving direct feedback based on their entries: life, on screen and online.

Together with the leading director, the audience is going to make a feature film that will premiere in cinemas!

It’s not about crowning just one winner, because the Entertainment Experience will facilitate and support a large and engaged creative community who will stay committed for years after the project has finished.

Entertainment Experience includes an online talent community platform, social media campaigns, multiple events, different supporting TV formats and of course the feature-length movie.

This is what the millennials are looking for: audience participation and talent recognition!

Concept promo

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Crowd Sourcing

Entertainment Experience around the world

Entertainment Experience Netherlands

Entertainment Experience launched in 2012 in The Netherlands.

Entertainment Experience China

Entertainment Experience launched in 2014 in China

Entertainment Experience United Arabic Emirates

Entertainment Experience launched in 2018 in the UAE.

Entertainment Experience Kenya

Entertainment Experience Kenya was postponed due to Covid19. The concept is still in pre-production phase and aims to be launched in 2021.

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