Celebrity Scrapbook

Your Celebrity Super Guide to all the ins and outs of the world’s biggest stars. Get ready for your shot of glitz and glam with Celebrity Scrapbook and find out everything about the lifestyle of today’s It-Girls and It-Guys. Where do they go on holiday and what do they wear? Be inspired by the choices the hot and happening make. In each episode, we give you a superstar top 3. Who are the best Hollywood Moms, Which celebrity also rocks the DJ Booth, and which A-Listers are the most sporty? We’ll also cherrypick a superstar to discuss their highs and lows! What are they famous for, who are they dating and which skeletons do they have in their closet? And we’ll find out what kind of secret tattoos they have, dig into family feuds and discuss the importance of a personal trainer.

Evergreen Series – 65 episodes (25 minutes)

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