Lifestyle Deluxe

The fabulous way of the elite’s lifestyle deluxe!

Everyone dreams of living like a celebrity, but the next best thing is learning how they actually live!  ‘Lifestyle Deluxe’ is an evergreen series available that gives you an exclusive and intimate peek at the lifestyles of the elite.  Each 25-minute episode of ‘Lifestyle Deluxe’ gives you info on where the celebs go on holiday…  what do they do to maintain their fantastic physique… and what are the hotspots they visit…

With our panel of experts, and interviews with the people who make the products the stars love. Whether you’re looking for info on the hottest trends, the beauty secrets of top actresses, or what they do to relax ‘Lifestyle Deluxe’ is the show for you.  Food, travel, expert tips, health, sports and fashion trends… Don’t miss a single episode of ‘Lifestyle Deluxe’, the show that teaches you how to live the deluxe lifestyle.


Evergreen series: 65 episodes x 25 minutes

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