All Time Film Classics

New evergreen series

Sit back, relax and enjoy a trip down memory lane with All-Time Film Classics!

Do you remember how you felt when your favourite movie was first released? ‘All-Time Film Classics’ is an evergreen series, taking you on a trip through cinematic memory lane.  With a total of 13 episodes, each one is filled with 25 minutes of cool behind-the-scenes material, interesting inside information and exclusive interviews with the most legendary actors and directors.

Let’s go back in time and see what blockbusters united audiences around the world…

Learn how successful franchises are still relevant today…

And see what filmmakers of the past thought our lives would be like today.

We’ll remember the most iconic movie classics. Take a look through the years of your favourite actor or actress…and get the know everything in Hollywood History.

Bring out the best of your nostalgic self in ‘All-Time Film Classics’!  The first season  consists of 13 * 25 minutes long evergreen episode

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