ICONS (in development)

Over time, famous movie stars become icons.

The audience has known them for decades. We grew up with them. We admire them.

The stars are growing up while living their lives on screen. They go from happy highs to deep lows. The audience is watching them, but what was really going on at the time? And what is really going on now? Luckily, famous movie stars also talk to the media throughout their career.

The FCCE library is filled with exclusive interviews with the biggest names in the entertainment industry.  Each 60 documentary is a roller coaster ride through successes, disappointments, highlights, ups and downs over the years; in the professional and private life of the celebrity. It shows their earlier opinions, talks about the dreams they once had and reveals their expectations for the future.

Like each star, each documentary is unique and you’ll like them all.

Premium entertainment documentaries
8 x 60 minutes

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