Delicious City Secrets

Where can I go for the best appetizers, the most exquisite dinners, and the sweetest deserts?

Delicious City Secrets is a 13×25’ cooking and travel show, fit for foodies worldwide, that takes the viewer on a culinary journey through the busiest metropolis cities revealing the hidden places, restaurants and chefs who make the most exquisite appetizers, mouth-watering dinners and deserts that are just to die for!

We show you around the neighbourhood, introducing you to the chef and let you experience unique flavours from signature dishes. Each 25 minute episode visits a different city. We start with a lovely appetizer hotspot before moving on to another local treasure for the main course, to find out the spicy story behind the place, its chef, and its specialties via exclusive interviews with the chef himself, the staff and even the (celebrity) customers. Then we top it all off at a third delicious city secret: a tasty treat for desert.

If your audience has an appetite for travel and food, we have a delicious menu to choose from.

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